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Influence Of Time

Bhogali Bihu of Assam in east India could be regarded as the matching counterpart of the Tamil Pongal festival. The nightlong feast with family and friends along with the preparation of traditional Assamese goodies, and the early morning worship of the Indian god of fire - Agni, are some of the major highlights of this festival.
    In West Bengal, it is celebrated in the form of a festival cum fair called Ganga Sagar Mela. However, this fair is not confined to the Bengalis only as people from all over India come to visit the Ganga Sagar beach with the belief that a dip in the holy bank will absolve them of their sins.
     In Punjab and its neighbouring states, this day is celebrated, as Lohri. It marks the coming of spring and the approaching end of winter. Fires are lit as dusk approaches. Arrangement for feasts among family and friends and gatherings around the sacred bonfire, and an exchange of greetings and pleasantries mark the festival celebration here.


-Time: January 14 (Every
-Place: South India, in              particular,
             Tamil Nadu..
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