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    The preparations for the Pongal festival are quite elaborate. Pongal or sweet rice is the main preparation of the festival. Sweet rice is cooked in a new earthenware pot in the same place where the puja is to be performed. Fresh turmeric is tied round the pot. A delicious concoction of rice, moong dal, jaggery and milk is boiled in the pot on an open fire. As the Pongal is being cooked, it boils over. The boiling over and spilling out of the contents of the pot is the auspicious sign that the family waits for. The ready Pongal is garnished with cashew nuts and raisins fried in ghee. The whole preparation is usually done on a predetermined time which is considered auspicious. The preparation is offered to the gods along with vegetables and lentils, newly harvested sugarcane and bananas. Later the family sits down to a ritual meal. The ingredients of this preparation have some symbolic meaning attached to each. Rice and milk are signs of prosperity, sugarcane for happiness, while turmeric augurs the good things to come.

1.Sakkarai Pongal
2.Vermicelli Payasam
3.Aval Payasam
4.Dal Payasam

-Time: January 14 (Every
-Place: South India, in              particular,
             Tamil Nadu..
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